What does it really mean to represent a Healthy. Happy. Digital agency. And how can we really make a difference with brands that we aspire to work with. This is a huge topic and one that captures and inspires the cultural principles we aim to build upon.

Resilience and diversity. This is a really powerful topic for agencies, brands and even countries. Being able to choose to focus on ‘good’ can go a long long way, being and feeling represented in society can really impact how we feel and change the actions we choose to take.

But these are just words that we chose to share, understanding the impact individuals can make, small changes that move us all towards a healthy, happier place inspires us all to do more good!

This is a very powerful piece of content from Dr Lucy Hone who is a leading expert on resilience. It’s worth a watch if you have 5mins and are interested in any of the above.