6 best practices when it comes to top performing web design for 2021!

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Some amazing data sits behind this thinking.

1. Use a mix of photography and graphics

Photography and illustration is always a winner, try and avoid using just stock photography as it can be a big turnoff, 

Users spend an average of 5 seconds looking at a website hero image 
59% prefer beautiful websites design 
38% will leave unattractive websites 

2. Use bold fonts

Keep your copy light, to the point and try and pick out the key words and put them in bold. 

Users only read 20% of words on a webpage 
Websites score 47% higher in usability when text is scannable 

3. Consider visual hierarchy

Have clear sign posting and CTA’s. 
Let your users find the information they are looking for as quickly as they can. 
Allow plenty of space for text and images. 
Consider the devices users engage with your content. 

44% leave with no contact details 
70% sites for SMB don’t have clear CTA 
Customers expect to land on the home page when they click your logo! 

4. Implement Personalised and localised content 

Make your users feel special, wanted and considered. (not just another customer to get through the door). Use data touch points such as cookies and geo-location to help personalise.  

54% users prefer personal rather than generic 
59% want real time deals
74% feel frustrated with content is not personalised  

Make sure your content translates, there are statics to link the most common error at a check out being around localisation errors.  

5. Think Mobile focused Ecommerce

One of the biggest growing markets for how users purchase online, accelerated in 2020! 

​70% of searches on mon lead to action within 1 hour 
45% customers say they shop using their mobile 

6. Users want faster website load speeds

40% wont wait longer than 3 seconds for content 
85% want mobile to load fast 

Credit: % and states according to Website builder expert