We found some really nice insights on why ‘great web design’ is so important.

If we all make websites more beautiful by design then visitors will come more readily, stay for longer, and purchase more often.

Website design has become an art in itself. Adding illustration to your website design will help improve your site’s aesthetic value, encourage visitors to stay longer, and increase conversion rates . 
During the Internet’s early days, artwork and illustrations were considered an integral part of web design. Art, on the other hand, was dismissed as unimportant in the context of websites.

Check out this article from Anton M. on ‘The Power of Art and Illustration in modern day websites’.   

It emphases the importance of best practices when it comes to good design and how aesthetics can really impact the end users journey.   

We have seen the internet come along way over the years from a design perspective.

But is the art of good design getting lost with short form content, stock-imagery so readably available, and template web-designs taking over the WWW? 

We recognise the importance of good web design and will always encourage our clients to consider this as part of their online customer brand experience.