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Zupa is a new-age hospitality tech provider. Polar was tasked with updating the site design and UX in line with the company’s recently completed re-branding exercise. In addition –  to make adding, uploading and editing content simpler and more efficient for marketing team members, a new CMS system was implemented. An important focus was the site’s new ‘community’ and ‘training portal sections and the new site makes all this possible as we work with Zupa moving forward to evolve the site.

Check out the site www.zupa.com

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Marketing teams at Zupa were finding it hard to upload to their existing system without technical understanding of Gatsby and HTML. They also used Contentful which did not work seamlessly with Gatsby.

The company had a new brand identity created which needed to be applied across the website so that this reflected the new look and feel. 

Polar helped break down the requirements in a simple step-by-step process. We redesigned the Zupa site from the ground up, so that it fully matched the new branding, with a cleaner, slicker look and feel.

As this was being done, we provided the marketing team with a new content management system (CMS) based on integrating with WebFlow, which made managing and updating content easier and more convenient for everyone, without the need for in-depth technical knowledge. UX was optimised and simplified, with site navigation much improved.

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Key Deliverables

  • UX. refresh; wireframes and sitemap
  • Design refresh and content refinement
  • Execute Technical Design Documents to support the ongoing requirements
  • Development – Front and backend build and 3rd party API integrations (data capture / tracking / reporting)
  • CMS integration with WebFlow and client training 
  • Ongoing maintenance (plug-in refreshes, ongoing optimisation and reporting along with design and technical council

What our clients say

Ollie Brand
Ollie Brand
Co-founder & CEO
We're immensely grateful for your contributions.

I am writing to extend our heartfelt thanks for your exceptional work on our new website. It truly looks superb! We greatly appreciate your ability to deliver high-quality results within our modest budget.

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