The Future of Web 3.0. A New World For Data Driven Advertising Is Here.


Web.30 and data driven advertising; Data Science, Data Harvesting, Data-Driven Marketing. Is it a must-have in this new paradigm?


Even though for the past decade, the term “Data Science” and “Data Scientist” have been trending, those labels refer to a more ancient practice. At least in the marketing world. Since the early 1950’s leading companies have delved into harvesting information about their markets, potential audiences, and ongoing customers to tailor their message. The main difference between then and now is technology and reach. Decades ago, based on available data, brands had to construct an ideal messaging strategy that would resonate with the average majority. Using basic information that was gathered through more traditional methods. Sociodemographics, economic information, and rough ideas of consumer behaviour. 

But now, a powerful volume of available data can be met with technology and inspiring creative storytelling. That has changed how we customise tailored communications to every individual consumer, forevermore. Web 3.0 and data driven advertising is here to stay.

The Shiny Tech Era

The Social Media Decade along with the growing power of mobile users, and in-depth search engines has made data ‘‘king’ as part of Web 2.0. And Data-Driven Marketing continues to be a main ingredient in every professional Ad agency. But these titans have managed to get billions of people’s behaviour down to digestible bite-sized chunks of information that are now available (at a cost) for anyone to grab. This changed how marketing was done. Suddenly, a mom-and-pop shop was able to remarket their customers with more efficiency than a SP500 company in the mid-2000s. 

With Web 3.0 fully unraveling and Extended Reality (XR) becoming an everyday commodity for future generations, brands will get even more opportunities to reach new realms of customer interaction, experience, and revenue. Up to the point, the Social Media Ads era may look like the stone age compared to what’s to come.

To get a deeper understanding of what XR is, we covered it in one of our more recent trending articles about the future of extended reality:

extended reality
The future of Extended Reality (XR). How can brands benefit?

In a nutshell, data driven advertising is the new bread and butter of any commercial activity. At Polar London, we stay on top of the latest technologies and methodologies to utilise data. This means gathering useful data through different modern means (API’s), and ultimately leveraging and applying such data to create impactful ideas by marrying the two together. 

Thanks to this approach, we managed to get more than 15 Million views, plus 201 Million impressions for one of our more recent clients – Gojek (Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand delivery platform). We extracted insightful KPIs that can easily be applied to positively impact their bottom line.

Check out our case study on how we managed to achieve this: 

The New Era

Now, thanks to Web 3.0, the data doesn’t necessarily have to be “owned” or stored by a tech giant. Although they will find ways to do it, users can be the decentralized owners of everything they do on Web 3.0 platforms. Far from being a downside, this new technology opens the doors for very interesting opportunities.

With advancements in Voice, VR, AR, and MR, users can be catered to even in the metaverse. While they are driving their virtual cars, to go into the virtual mall, and see a virtual ad on the virtual highway. That ad can leave them just a tap away from making a purchase in real life. A purchase that can be delivered right to their doorstep that very same day.

Since Web 3.0 data lives out in the open, on blockchains (at least most of them), if properly managed, we could potentially understand users down to their DNA. And those data points, if combined with advanced AI and a compelling creative idea, we could even infer future purchase patterns or behaviours. A worldwide gamechanger is brewing. 

Why is Web 3.0 and data advertising so important?

  • The way users engage and consume content is changing (Web 3.0 is here, so don’t get left behind)
  • Recent advancements in Voice, VR, AR, MR, XR and platforms such as the Metaverse are changing users behaviour
  • Contextual advertising is proven to be more effective
  • Utalising data is essential to access users / customers at the right time with the right message
  • Understating how data, new tech and creative storytelling can harmonies, will put your brand in a forward facing position and keep you ahead of the competition

Seize The Opportunity

To successfully exploit this new era of Web 3.0 and data driven advertising, a grasp on data, married with new tech and understanding of creative storytelling will be key. Otherwise, marketing budgets get lost in the crowd without making a slight dent in the market. This is why relying on Polar London as a specialised agency, is critical. Understanding how to operate within this new field of technology is a must. But utilising these techs and their data in a creative way is what separates those who make it, from those who don’t. 

And that’s what we offer.