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Alex Birch
Alex B
Founder and Production Director
Cool, calm and collected, likes to play good cop / bad cop.
Ankita G
Creative director
Strategist. Stand up comic. Fiction writer. Poet. All in a day's work for Ankita.
Daisy H
Daisy H
Managing Director
A pure-play advertising professional. Likes 'getting things done', into wellbeing and learning new things.
Ngan B
Operations & Finance Manager
When not number crunching, spends time nurturing the western opera culture in Vietnam and on collecting vintage jewellery.
Quisque in ultrices
Ravi N
Digital Technologist
A self confessed tech geek!
Thao P
"There are 36,769 photos in my photo library. 5,000 of those could have been self-made memes".
Matt G
Senior creative copywriter
Wordsmith by day, wonders The Dark Hedges at night!
Jay B
Animation lead
Polar’s Banner guru, starts every conversation with standard or rich?
Richard J
Richard J
Richard J. Executive Creative Director - multiple award winning creative. Enjoys writing children’s books and letting his dog take him for a walk.
Benedict J
Global Strategy Director
A thinking wizard. Can be found wondering his own vineyards.
Van N
Account Executive
"With effort and patience, I can do anything”.
G. Morshed
Web Developer
When his not backpacking around India or gaming, he is coding the next best design.
Irmak Y
Senior Strategist
Deep thinker, world traveler and art lover.
Dave T
Senior Art Director
Creative mastermind. Once played for Right Said Fred.
Ben W
Ben W
Ben W. I've been making things move and coming up with ideas since the dot-com bubble burst.
Alex Falcon
Alex F
Finance Director
Award winner, Author and world explorer. Always pushing for the best life.
Sam D
Audio lead
Sound and music extraordinaire. Runs a tight ship but always with a smile on his face.
Shuvo P
Web Developer
Coding wizard, a guitar playing lover of all music.
Damien Courage
Damien C
Digital Design Lead
Stand back, a master is at work.
Luci heering
Luci H
Senior UX - Designer
In constant balance of my life between full-time digital designer and mum by day. Rewarding myself with a well-deserved glass of wine by night.

Polar London Vietnam - 2021
Managing Director
Daisy Hazra

We are really excited to have a new studio space in the centre of Ho Chi Minh City! ​Boasting teams from around the world and our London HQ, we are now able to offer our unique agency model and share our digital expertise into SEA.