We partner with Tech brands, aspiring to build value for their online users.


We lead

Digital strategy

We create

Exceptional user experiences

We build

Beautiful and effective websites

How our clients benefit

We specialise in leading the journey of bringing ‘Tech‘ products to market:

Market Success: 

  • Tailored ‘go to market‘ digital strategy.
  • Validate your proposition.  
  • Enhance Digital comms across all channels.
  • Target the right audience, reach those who matter most.
  • Increase growth through tailored prospecting & nurturing.

Website Excellence: 

  • Ensure your website/product is fit for purpose! 
  • 10X increase in engagement.  

Elevate Your Online Presence:  

  • High quality creative content.  
  • Lead user engagement & retention.   
  • A seamless digital brand experiences. 
  • A professional end to end user journeys. 
  • Brand design and website development.

“We master the harmony between creativity & technology” 

Why Polar

We transform your digital assets into a powerful tool for engagement and growth, specialising in taking Tech products to market.

Expertise in Action
We hold a commanding authority in the realm of website UX, design, and build. Our deep understanding ensures every interaction on your site is both intuitive and impactful, establishing a strong digital presence for your brand.

Understand Your Challenges
We recognise the hurdles of aligning brand, product, and marketing strategies, especially with limited in-house expertise in UX, design, and Tech. Our solution? A partnership that brings your online presence to life, ensuring it’s not only visible but also effective in connecting with your audience.

Why Polar Cares 
We believe in the power of digital experiences to transform brands. Our commitment is to not just meet your immediate needs but to pave the way for your sustained growth.

The Opportunity   
Together, we unlock the full potential of your digital presence, making every online interaction a step towards turning visitors into loyal customers.

Speed and Efficiency  
Our agile approach and global talent pool enable us to deliver high-quality projects quickly, keeping pace with the digital world’s demands.

Quality without compromise   
Leveraging our global expertise, we provide cost-effective, quality-assured solutions, ensuring your digital platform stands out for all the right reasons.

Clients we’ve worked with:

Our Services

Our diverse network allows us to be tech stack agnostic with senior production and technical leadership to support our clients through the process.

Digital Strategy

  • Branding & Proposition
  • Website & SEO audit
  • Technical architecture
  • Web3 & AI integrations

Digital Produciton

  • Branding
  • Digital Comms
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Web/Product Design
  • Content creation
  • CRM integrations
  • Development (F&BE) / QA
  • Onsite SEO

Web Maintenance

  • Tracking and reporting
  • A/B testing – optimisation
  • Quality Assurance
  • General maintenance

What our clients say

Ollie Brand
Co-founder & CEO
Lolita Aird
Digital Transformation Lead
Heidi Idman
International Marketing Manager
FMCG Marketing Manager Europe Unilever International

Who we work with

Tech brands aspiring to take their products to market and elevate their online presence.  

We are well suited to clients that are looking to grow their product and users online. We offer global expertise across Digital; Strategy, Creative, User Experience, Design & Development. 

Focusing on Technology driven sectors where innovation, user experience, and digital presence are pivotal.

Specialist sector insight across Fintech and Health Tech.

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