Repositioning a Challenger Logistics Company

A Logistics Company Rebrand – A challenger air logistics company approached Polar London seeking assistance in reimagining its presence in the sector. With a shifting market and increased competition, they knew they needed to redefine their brand proposition, get closer to their customers, and revamp their whole marketing approach to reassert themselves in the market. Polar took on  the task to fully immerse in the sector, the business and its heritage, as well as its customers to help shape and refine the brand proposition and support the brand’s marketing and business ambitions.


  • Outdated Branding: We needed to develop branding and messaging to stand out in the highly dynamic sector.
  • Fragmented Marketing Strategy: We needed to define a coherent digital marketing strategy to effectively reach and engage their target audience.
  • Limited Audience Segmentation: We needed to analyse and segment our client’s diverse customer base to understand who were dealing with and what mattered to them 
  • Legacy Website: We needed to reimagine the web experience e in terms of design and functionality, user experience and path to conversion.

Logo and brand evolution

Our Approach

1. Comprehensive Market Analysis: We conducted a thorough analysis of the air logistics industry landscape, competitor strategies, and emerging trends to benchmark coverage, and identify gaps and opportunities.

2. Audience Segmentation: Using data analytics and customer insights, we segmented the client’s audience based on demographics, behaviour, and preferences to personalise marketing messages.

3. Brand Proposition Development: Working closely with CFL, we crafted a breakthrough brand proposition that highlighted their unique value proposition and differentiated them from competitors.

4. Marketing Strategy Formulation: We devised a holistic marketing strategy encompassing digital channels, content marketing, social media, and targeted advertising to maximise reach, salience and engagement.

5. Full rebrand: Making use of the insights gained from the market analysis and audience segmentation, we modernised the client’s brand identity, including logo redesign, colour palette, core marketing asset library and brand messaging, brought together in a new set of brand guidelines.

6. Website Refresh: Our team designed and developed a user-centric website aligned with the redefined brand identity, focusing on intuitive navigation, mobile responsiveness, and seamless user experience.


  • Improved presence in the market: The client successfully repositioned itself in the market with a refreshed brand identity and compelling messaging that resonated with target audiences.
  • Improved Brand Perception: The rebranding efforts enhanced the client’s brand perception, positioning them as a modern, reliable, and customer-centric courier service provider.
  • Increased Website Traffic and Conversion: The new website is poised to attract higher traffic volumes and improved user engagement, leading to a potential uplift in conversion rates and online bookings.
  • Customer Feedback: The client received positive feedback from customers and stakeholders, validating the success of the rebranding and website redevelopment efforts.
cfl website


Through strategic and creative collaboration, Polar London helped the air logistics company stand out in a crowded, dynamic market, reasserting its age-old qualities to customers, prospects as well as employees, and with it ushering in a new and exciting era of growth, both domestically and across the world. 

If you would like to learn more about how Polar London could help your brand with a identity refresh, get in touch.