Harvey Nash Group - Brand positioning

The Harvey Nash Group wanted to refresh and evolve their brand proposition to align internal and external clients on their group offering.

The challenge

If the group is to truly diversify, grow and continue to support their internal teams, clients and attract future investors, it is key that anyone that engages with the group brand has a clear understanding of the collective proposition, services and value to be shared.

On a brand level the Harvey Nash Group was best known and recognised as a IT recruitment consultant… which is a misconception of what the group has to offer.

The task was to bring the Harvey Nash Group proposition to life, supporting on a complete name change and unifying the collective brands under the umbrella of the HN Group, (now known as Nash Squared).

Hero video

This quirky animated video summarises the group offering, demonstrating the new group identify and proposition. Helping to craft, storyboard, art-direct, animate and execute.

Where did it all begin – a strategic deep dive.

Polar built a bespoke expert team of strategic and creative specialists, we were able to cut through the process and help steer the marketing and leadership team on how best to approach the brief, to craft and action a meaningful brand proposition.

Analysing their current marketing collateral to understand the existing landscape, Polar shaped and executed a series of key senior stakeholder interviews, internally and externally. With the aim to glean insight from the bottom up on what unified the group, the challenges internally an externally to overcome from a proposition perspective and for a clear picture of the client perception of the existing group offering.

To help inform a well rounded brand proposition, our strategy team reviewed the competitive landscape, the audience and personas that the Harvey Nash Group wishes to communicate with (internally and externally).

All leading to a global unified brand proposition, Polar was task to help present back to key stakeholders internally to explain the process and share our informed recommendations.


The Harvey Nash Group can now boast and articulate an informed brand proposition both internally and externally.

The brand proposition exercise unified the group and aligned a key global vision of group values and a proposition that best represent how the group can share what services they offer to their own employees, clients and potential investors.

What our clients think

Rob Grimsey
Group Marketing Director
Harvey Nash Group

Polar London worked with the Harvey Nash Group to support us with our brand proposition. Working with a very wide range of senior stakeholders they were able to distil a complex array of viewpoints and create a proposition that works very well for us. They gave excellent advice, were flexible and agile, but also held firm on things they believed in.

I would highly recommend Polar London as a strategic agency partner, they are able to offer and unlock real value back into our business.