Visit Qatar Ad campaign

The brief

In partnership with Visit Qatar and Qatar Airlines, the brief was to create a campaign to encourage global trotters to stopover, to experience the cuisine, culture and adventures that Qatar itself has to offer. 

The solution

Working with David Beckham as the campaign icon, we were able to execute and produce a suite of hero assets and supporting content, designed to attract visitors from around the world.

Creative at scale

Design, animation and craft. Building a range of mobile, Desktop, OOH and online ads across the GDN network and social. Including ideation, storyboarding, retouching, editing, HTML5 rollout and final asset creation.

Leaderboards / Skyscrapers & Mob ad units

Moving resources from the UK to the US enabled us to respond across time zones to maintain momentum, ongoing adapts and amendments were required while ensuring quality and speed when it came to end to end delivery. Enabling us to adapt to a fast paced campaign delivery.  

Social content

The results

Multiple high end assets being rollout around the world to help raise awareness and drive new tourism to Qatar.

The campaign continues to be a success. (results to follow).

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