Specialists in taking Health tech & Pharmaceutical products to market.

At Polar London, we help take products to market by creating bespoke digital communications and destination websites. Understanding innovative technology and creative ideas, seamlessly merging these two worlds to elevate your online presence. 


A global and diverse network of health, well-being and Pharma experienced creatives: Art Directors, Designs, Animators, Tech leads and Medical Copywriters. Supporting health, wellbeing and Pharma industries across digital communications to reach HCPs and consumers. Including website UX. Design and build along with digital brand strategy and creative medical comms.


Digital Comms

Making complex materials direct and engaging


UX. Design and build

Diverse Resources

Sector expertise with custom built teams

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Why Polar

When diversity and efficiency are a high priority, and when marketing budgets are squeezed, Polar London’s unique approach to talent and delivery comes into play.

We offer a diverse global reach of talent, with the flex of a boutique independent – which enables us to help our clients deliver and avoid the big agency processes and prices.

Our clients benefit from access to Health, Wellbeing and Pharma experts with traditional marketing and website creation skills, combined with an insightful understanding of how creative ideas and new technology can harmonise. (unlocking the potential of data, optimisation and personalisation).

We provide flexible, experienced brief specific teams from around the world who understand local nuances and culture, tailored for global teams and local markets.


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