The integration of AI & Machine Learning is changing our website development landscape. 
We love to dive into: 

  • Dynamic UX  
  • Micro-moments  
  • Highly personalised content 
  • Better ways to optimising the customer experience!

Here is a great read here from Natasha Lane from the digital agency network.

Gaining customer loyalty is the goal of any business, but how does this term translate to the market in the digital era? From mobile app development to influencing digital marketing on a larger scale, artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming the most important tools brands use to encourage customer loyalty – and here’s why. 

With machine learning, these virtual assistants are able to evolve and provide better service, which plays a crucial role in promoting customer loyalty. As technology advances and new solutions arise, the latest developments in AI are shaping the customer experience in the digital era.

AI and Machine learning

We believe AI and Machine learning will begin to play a key role in how users interact with brands online. 

Lets face it, machines can process data far quicker than we can, so they can continue to optimise the customer experience beyond our own intuition. 

Having the right set of data points will help brands drive relevance to their customer experience.