Adidas - Live stream / social campaign

See how we helped Adidas achieve: 2.5 million campaign engagements & 30,000 live stream viewers.

The ask was to launch the D-rose II adidas trainer. The idea was to allow fans to play 1 on 1 with their most valuable player (MVP), by first following a story of clues shared via the D-rose and adidas social channels as to where and when D-Rose would be playing in downtown Chicago. The more the fans engaged, the more clues they unlocked for a chance to play with their MVP.

Watch the case study

A three phased campaign, centered around a live stream event hosted on Facebook.

Empowering the fans to unlock content and creating a social frenzy. The live stream included DJ’s / celebrity guests and real fans playing 1;1 with D-Rose.

​The campaign was a huge success in terms of reach, innovation and a first of its kind to pair a live stream with social commerce.


  • Creative ideation
  • Live streaming production management
  • Social asset creation
  • Display ads
  • Event collateral
  • Social commerce

​The magic was centred around the integration of a great idea, the right platform and technology needed to active.


  • 2.5 million campaign engagements
  • 30,000 live stream viewers
  • 100,000 likes in 24 hours
  • 500 event attendees

  • 32% increase of fan engagement on FB
  • 286% increase in fan engagement during the live event
  • 40% of sales target hit in 1 hour
  • 14% conversion rate from FB