Google - Recruitment campaign

The brief

Attract senior engineers to come and work for Google.

The challenge

Developers are often intimidated by the powerhouse that is Google. How can we engage with the audience in a meaningful way that shows that we understand their world, and that working for Google is possible.

Our solution

An idea that would become one of the most successful recruitment campaigns of all time.

The big idea

Using selected technical search queries entered into the Google search bar, we opened a gateway for developers to be invited to play a ‘game’ – answering coding challenges set by existing Google engineers, allowing others to demonstrate their coding cabilities and show Google what they are capable of without even realising it.

Interactive site

We needed to break down the barriers of what it is like to actually work at Google. We shared short stories told by Google engineers on what it was like to produce products inside of Google.

Activating at Google IO

Playing where the audience play, we helped activate and engage with potential engineers at Google IO, by offering them a 1 off key to enter the rabbit whole and take on a coding challenge.

The results

The rabbit whole was a huge success, targeting the audience directly, gaining large public attention and becoming a viral conversation online amongst the global tech community. Google saw huge spikes in their recruitment growth for budding engineers that my not have ever applied in the first instance.